Microsoft Office and Windows 8 Liscenses when your computers goes tits up

I think I might have found out what happens when your computer dies and you have Windows 8 and Office...My desktop died for whatever reason a few weeks back...after determining the motherboard died I decided to replace it with a new MB, new processor and new memory.I boot up the machine after I have re-installed all the hardware and I find out that my license is "currently being used by another computer", or so Win8 tells me.It then gives me the option to call a toll free number...since it was past midnight on a Saturday night I didn't figure I'd be in any luck but the number took me to an automated number. The computer gives you a bunch of codes and some blank places to put in codes that the automated system on the phone will tell you.The automated attendant asks for the codes by voice (works very well) and then after this spits out new codes to put in the blank spaces...there are a TON of numbers...much more than the license number...Once it was done, I had to press the next button and bam, it was up to date again! Very painless.The office was also telling me the license number was incorrect or something like this but in this case I only had to press a button to re-register and it took care of it telephone business at all...Thought this might rest people's minds who are going crazy at MS saying you can't change computers...I essentially did and it went ok.