Any iPad owners here also have a Nexus 7?

I'm just curious to know what cool things you guys do with the N7? I bought mine a couple weeks ago, but lately I've been having a very hard time justifying the purchase aside from its portability over my iPad 3. I've already customized the hell out of it and that was great fun, but now it's like... "now what?"

I purchased it primarily for the purpose of reviewing Android-exclusive apps and just to be able to take advantage of what Android offers, but aside from customization, I always see myself picking up my iPad for pretty much everything else.

I was a bit disappointed at the lack of high-quality tablet apps which was a huge part of the reason I always went back to the iPad. Also, it seems that the multiplatform essentials I use everyday like Dropbox and Zite are about an update or two behind the iOS version. Apps that have never been tablet optimized in the first place are also a couple updates behind.

I tried using it as a PDF reader, but large files are almost unusable. Using something like Splashtop Gamepad (not found on iOS) is fun, but not really practical. It's just nice to know you can do that, I suppose. AirDroid is awesome, but functions the same way as iFile, only much better looking.

Also, I use things like F.Lux, Airplay, and Reflector App which don't have any good alternatives on the platform and was a big letdown. As someone that likes to do app reviews, Airplay and Reflector are absolutely essential to me.

Anywho, I was hoping someone can show me some other cool things to do with it? I really don't want to return it, but I can't find any reason to keep it. I'd like to keep myself in touch with the Android world and not be exclusive to only iOS when it comes to things I like to write and make videos about.