Why You Shouldn't Buy a Chromebook Pixel, and Why Google Won't Care

After a week of thinking that Slinky.me was pulling a publicity stunt with the leaked Chromebook Pixel video, it turned out to be real. And it is a really stupid idea. At least that's what some people want you to think. It really is all about the price. The $1300 laptop only runs Chrome OS and only has 32 GB of internal storage. You should not buy the Chromebook Pixel under any circumstances, unless under threat of death. Here's why:

1. It costs $1300.

$1300. For a Chrome OS laptop. That's a lot of dough. If you want LTE, the price bumps up to $1450. For $50 more, you could get a MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It's just to expensive. And it really makes no sense. The Nexus 10 only costs $400, has an almost identical screen, and runs a vastly superior OS.

2. The Screen Sucks.

Yes, yes, I know it has a 2560x1700 resolution, which is quite good. There is a huge problem with this screen though. It has a 3:2 aspect ratio. That's not good. That's not even excusable. I can not imagine the horrendous letter boxing that will come out of that.

3. The Screen Sucks even More.

I think one of the MacBook Pro with Retina Displays worst features is it's retina display, and that same issue continues with this laptop. Anything that is not optimized for the resolution will look terrible on the laptop, and as far as I know, Google is not bumping down the resolution to optimize the internet like Apple does.

4. Storage

32 GB. 32 fricken GB (64 on LTE model). That sucks. To be fair, you do get a Terabyte of free Google Drive storage, but that only lasts for three years. After that you will be paying another $600 a year on this very expensive thing.

5. LTE

LTE in a laptop is a great idea. However, the Chromebook Pixel only includes 100MB of free data a month. After that you have to sign up for a Verizon Data Plan to get more data. Another added expense.

6. Any other laptop at this price is better.

Unless you are getting something that is broken, any other laptop at this price is better. Any.

So this is why you should never, ever buy a Chromebook Pixel.

And here is why Google does not care, and may not even want you too buy one.

When Google was getting ready to make Android main stream, they needed a way to get it ready to compete with the iPhone. One or two manufacturers had begun making Android phones, but they were crappy hardware, and had no App Store to compete with Apple. So they made the HTC G1.

The G1 was really expensive, but had great hardware. Google had no problem that it did not make an impact on iPhone marketshare, because that was not it's purpose. It's purpose was to teach the manufacturers and developers what they should be doing.

The G1 was Google going up to everyone, saying, "Here's what every Android phone should feel like, go make it". And they did, and that caused people to go buy one, and that brought in developers, and that grew the Android market, and Today, Android is the biggest mobile OS in the world.

The Chromebook Pixel is the G1 of Chromebooks.

Think about it. What are the issues with Chrome OS? It has no apps, and the hardware sucks. This is Google's solution. This is Google telling Samsung, Acer, HP, and whoever else may make a chromebook how they should be doing it, and in a year, we may have full PC applications like Photoshop on the Chrome Web Store.