[Petition] Please include audio quality in future mobile device reviews

Hello guys, I just wanted to make a case that we really need more information on audio quality from mobile devices. Some people use their devices as their media players and radios. Some stream the audio to their car with Bluetooth but others may use the headphone jack to an auxiliary input. That last is kind of a black box of quality.

People talk about speakers all the time, but it would be useful to know which devices have the best audio quality coming out of the headphone jack.

Reports came out last year that the HTC ONE X has lower quality audio from the jack compared to the iphone and gsIII. Does that hold up for the newest m7 variant?

We don't know. And don't just make snarky comments about beats audio, it's just branding, it tells you NOTHING about how good or bad the audio is in these devices. I have an hp notebook with "beats audio" that has surprisingly competent speakers and a powerful built in audio jack for headphones, not all hp's with beats are that good, especially the thin and lights. So stop with the blanket wide snark when you hear the word beats, not everything sounds like the beats solo. Do a test, find out what DAC is being used. Let us know, please.

The only passing info I have seen regarding the audio quality of the m7 was located on XDA dev forums


reports are that the sound is good, but how good? how does it compare to the current SIII? Maybe this info would be better delved into once more flagship phones are released and they could be compared together in a large article. This would be extremely useful info for people who cared about audio quality, not everyone gets to do extensive audio tests on each phone. And for those who want to try, this kind of article could separate the chaff from more worthy devices.