Best iPad games for the girlfriend?

I gave her my 1st gen iPad to use and recently got her addicted to Pixel People. Before that, it as Letterpress, but she grew tired of competitive games. She's the farthest thing from a "gamer", but she's almost done with Pixel People and was wondering what else she could possibly like?

I already downloaded similar games like Smurf's Village (hated it), and Tiny Tower (hasn't bothered yet)... what else might she like? Apparently she's into laid-back games that also allow her to be creative. I was thinking of The Sims, but I feel the mechanics of the game and the micromanaging might frustrate her (she's impatient... surprised she stuck with Pixel People TBH).

EDIT: Apparently she JUST now "finished" Pixel People with all 155 jobs. Was bummed that there wasn't some big "Congrats! PARTY TIME!" ending or anything. Soooooo... anything with a fun ending? Hahah