This is a Travesty, Samsung and/or Verizon

My Note II on Verizon STILL can't add Google apps to the multi-window menu when practically every other version of the Note II can. It makes the feature practically useless for me.

And why am I still on 4.1.1 when all the other Note variants got 4.1.2 months ago??

And Verizon took out the wifi toggle and replaced it with a huge ongoing Wifi notification.

It also took out blocking mode for no apparent reason but actually just hid it and a special search can locate it. Why?

And why did Verizon purposely cover up the wireless charging contacts?

It's like Verizon purposely wanted to make this phone as bad as possible and is blocking updates on purpose.

Also, shame on Samsung for allowing this even though it has the clout to deal with this.