No more 'Unlimited Data' from Net10. Straight Talk to follow soon?

I just came across this information while I was searching for a Straight Talk (ST) AT&T Micro SIM.

"Effective March 1, 2013 Unlimited data service is not available on the Unlimited Plan for AT&T SIM cards. AT&T SIM cards on an Unlimited Plan will be capped at 1.5GB of data per month. This will apply even if you buy and redeem an unlimited service card that does not contain this limitation on its face. This limitation does not apply to phones using our non-AT&T SIM cards." -Net10 Wireless

It also appears as though they are offering a T-Mobile SIM (one-time only) to customers who would rather switch to keep their unlimited data.

As most people familiar with ST know, both Net10 and ST are both owned by TracFone Wireless, and usually what one does the other mirrors. Does this spell the end of Unlimited data on ST as well? Feel free to discuss it below in the comments.