[Solved] Confused between 620 and 720(and to an extent 520)

With the recent announcements of the Lumia 520 and 720, I, an owner of Lumia 610 has been confused for which phone to upgrade to. Comparing them using the Verge's comparison tool I reached the conclusion that 620 and 720 are strictly better than the 520, still I would like the opinion of my fellow Vergers here in this tribe to recommend to me which should be my next. Recommend me one from the three WP8 Lumias.

I forgot to mention that price is a really big deal, my current phone costed me around US$ 210, and I can't spend more than US$ 350, that'll put me in ballpark of 720, but I'll prefer getting the best value for my money. I'll also prefer to spend as less as possible, as what I do mostly with my phone is communicating and web browsing(so a few apps and a good browser are sufficient and preferably ability to run weave or any similar app without problems.)

I've decided to go with the 720 now, even though the screen is a bit big IMO, but I feel the trade offs aren't worth it for me.