Chromebook Pixel Review

David's Chromebook Pixel Review

Chrome OS. 1300 dollars. 7.5.

Edit: Let me break this down a bit more.

Design: 9. Based on David saying this is the best designed laptop evar I would expect a 10.

Performance: This really gets me. In The Verge's hands on video there was a ton of stuttering. I'm guessing maybe that particular unit had an issue but in the review video the Pixel cannot even play offline video without stuttering a ton. That's unacceptable for any device released in 2013 much less one with a 1300 price tag.

Software (And Lack of Ecosystem): The Verge doesn't review laptops with an ecosystem score. I don't know why that is but it's a much more glaring issue here. The Pixel doesn't have most of the software most people want and it doesn't really have much of an Ecosystem (the web isn't enough).

The price of this laptop is heinous. Chrome OS shouldn't be anywhere near this price. Nothing else to say on that subject it's pretty clean cut.

David didn't say anything about streaming content on non Google services either. Drive and YouTube work well but how about Netflix or Amazon Video? If it can't handle local video and Google's pushing their services maybe other streaming options aren't as great as well.

Honestly I don't understand how this device amounts to a 7.5. That's around the same level as the MacBook and Surface Pro.