The Verge should review its Reviewing System

Anyone who has been reading the Verge might have realized that the Verge Review is a total mess. Don't get me wrong. I love the Verge since it shows great journalism and numerous exclusives. But somehow the Verge review always drives me down and makes the whole site look unprofessional and biased. Of course I know that reviews are subjective and based on the reviewers' opinion and tendency. But there are some ways to make it less subjective and balanced. I am no expert myself. This is just what I think the Verge can do to improve the review.

The first and most important thing is first to categorize products. This is difficult of course since there're no clear line to determine what products should fall into what category and one product may fall into several categories itself. The clear example is Surface Pro. We may not sure whether to regard it as tablet, pc or hybrid. But I believe the Verge will make it clear.

After categorizing, the second step is to determine the criteria. What are the factors we should include in reviewing notebook/tablet/phone? In each criteria there should be sub-criteria. One example is smartphone ecosystem. In most review, it seems to me that the Verge only consider the number of apps in the store, and I believe that this is a total bias. Yes, I know the numbers of apps may be more important than others, but the Verge should consider other sub-criteria, and of course can use higher weighting factor for apps.

The third step is to make a clear benchmark. One easy example is tablet batteries. Let say the best tablet in the market has 9-hour batteries life. But the Verge decide that 10-hour of battery life should be perfect for tablet. Then, that best tablet should get 9 for batteries. And another tablet can last for 7 hours, so it should get 7 for that. This is just an easy example since it's difficult/impossible to enumerate some quality such as display quality. But I believe the Verge can make it.

Another things to consider while reviewing is to look at the past reviews of the similar products in the same category so that the new product review doesn't look completely biased or stupid. I've noticed this always happen at the Verge and make the reviews look very unprofessional.

The Verge should also simplify its score. It should only 5-based. 1-very bad 2-bad 3-moderate 4-good 5-very good. It may only can score only either 1 or 1.5, there's no 1.3 or 1.4 and everything in between. If it scores 1.45, it should be rounded up to 1.5. In this way, it makes reviewers easy to decide and rate. This is just my simple suggestions, and hope that the Verge should review its review, standardize it and make it more professional. Now it's a complete mess.