The Nexus 7 at Work

I'm looking to buy a Nexus 7 as soon as today, but I have a few things I want to ask before I make the purchase. First of all, where is the best place to buy from? Ideally I would like to buy from the Play Store because I would rather support Google directly, but I've heard of some negative experiences ordering from their site versus going with a more traditional retailer like Best Buy, for example. Would you recommend the Play Store or should I go another route?

Now, the more important part of why I started this thread: I'm buying this tablet primarily for work. I work in an office on a college campus that primarily deals with packages and letters, but we provide and endless list of services and manage dormitory key inventories and lots of other random stuff like that. I don't NEED a tablet to do my job, but after having been here for nearly two years I've realized that a small tablet would make my workflow much easier and potentially more efficient. I would be carrying it around with me throughout the day and mostly using it to access sites we use on a daily basis to manage student databases. However, light word processing (i.e. note taking), media consumption (Netflix), things like that are also concerns of mine. I know the hardware is more than capable of meeting my demands, so my question lies in software: are there any productivity apps specific to tablets that you guys recommend I use? Anything that might make me more productive or make my job easier?