14 TVs - 1 Computer: How is this going to work?

Not sure if this is the right place, but I'll give it a shot. So I have for some reason been given a task. Find a way to output video to 14 HD TVs using 1 Computer (Server). So far the powers that be have used TRULink HDMI over Cat5e Extenders to consolidate the sources to a single location. That's where their plan ended.

Now they have given me the following goals.
1) Least # of Computers Possible.
2) Control 14 Separate Displays.
3) Update the Displays remotely (from a desk in the office area).
4) Be able to easily associate a Display with its source.

What will they be displaying?
3 Separate instances of a call center live reporting tool.
Up to 5 Power Point Presentation at the same time.
Up to 3 DVD videos (preferably with sound).

Considering what is going to be displayed, I'm pretty sure we will have to run a VM for each Display, the question is how.

A Matrox Video card has been presented, but I'm not sure if it is what we are looking for or what machine to stick them in (we would need 2).

This is the TRULink HDMI over Cat5e Extender that was used.

The real question...What Computer, Video Card and Software combination will make their dreams come true?