Best classic games

Well, you know, there are some games which have become legends. Games you played as a kid or as a teenager. Games which literally changed your life. Those games that fill your heart with a warm feeling when you see screenshots of it. Those games that make you feel like a child or a teenager again when you play them. I would like to share some of my favourite games but I would also like you to post screenshots and short descriptions of your most loved ones!

Star Trek 25th anniversary:



A detective game in the Star Trek universe with action elements (space and ground battles - sort of). I set hours in front of the screen (with my best friend) and we tried to solve difficult puzzles and riddles. Really great game! Actually I think my dad got the game for Christmas. Then I got hold of it and I think he never played it....he wasn´t much of a gamer anyway :D

Wikipedia Link:

Descent 1 and 2:



Playing those games was thrilling. The 3D graphics were awesome at the time and the gameplay was great. You had to fight alien ships while flying through narrow tunnels. It truly got your heart-rate least mine :D

The Settlers 3:



I loved this game for it´s gameplay and for it´s beautiful graphics. When it was released for iOS it was just to good to be true. Sad thing the iOS version doesn´t quite live up to the original.

Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 2:



I can´t wait for the release of RCT on iOS. I designed all kinds of great landscapes, parks and - of course - rollercoasters while playing this game. The graphics are kind of cute today and I love it! I can still hear the sound of the giggling people. So awesome!

There are some more games on my list but I thought I pick 4 at first ;)