Nokia shoot HTC 8X and 8S in the head to take full control of WP8 market

Firstly having watched Vlad's video interview of Elop which was very painful to watch and akin to him banging his head against a brick wall with questions everyone knew Elop wouldn't answer in a million years here is a link to the Engadget interview which is 10 times better:

ENGADGET with Elop

From that video it looks like we can expect to see another camera firmware update for the 920 which should improve photo quality even more and setting the bar even higher for the HTC One.

My post headline is one of the conclusions I come away with after Nokia's MWC.

Personally I think they have just killed HTC Windows Phone offerings with an epic line-up of Windows based phones at all price points, that HTC simply cannot compete with.

People have been complaining they have released too many mid range models and are confused. What you have to realise is that some phones wont be available in all countries.

What Nokia have effectively done is built an ARSENAL of Nokia WP8 phone devices to tackle any GLOBAL smart-phone market at any specific PRICE POINT.

But that not the end of it. Nokia are not only leveraging their engineering expertise but also their opening up thier unique mapping and location based services to other platforms such as Firefox mobile phone OS which is using HERE map services for their map app.

As well as releasing the entire HERE collection of apps: Drive, Maps, City Lens and Transport to ALL Windows Phones.

I personally think 'HERE' location and map apps are one of the pillars propping up Windows Phone OS right now.

Its great to see Nokia having a clear vision and strategy and executing it without all the distractions of competitors in the industry and comments from critics affecting them. Its demonstrates confidence and clear purpose in the direction they are taking the company.

Thoughts on 41MP Pureview

Moving ahead lets tackle the white elephant in the room...a Nokia 41MP Pureview Windows Phone. I'm sorry it just isn't going to happen any time soon until WP8 evolves.

Even I have come to admit this is probably and is what is holding back Nokia releasing such a phone at this moment in time. The 808 used a custom imaging co processor to crunch those extra mega pixels and amazingly can process over 1 BILLION pixels a sec for video capture. WP8 as far as I am aware cannot support additional co processors.

Therefore Nokia have to wait until a single chip can handle raw imaging processing..perhaps the Qualcomm 800 series or Nvidia Tegra 4i is up to the job? These chips have only started sampling to OEM's so you can bet Nokia are tinkering with them to see if they are suitable for their next flagship phones.

Other aspects of Nokia I am excited about:

Nokia 105

An amazing little Nokia phone at only $15. Built in FM radio and torch. But the real killer is that it has one month standby. Thats crazy and just goes to show how far battery technology has come. This not only makes it an ideal phone for developing countries which don't have a constant electric supply but also good for people in the modern world who want an emergency phone if their power guzzling LTE smart phone runs out of juice. I really love this little colourful funky phone!

Nokia Wireless Car Charger

Finally! Been waiting for this for a while. I think its a great accessory if you use Here Drive+ (aka Nokia Drive) for satnav. You now don't have to worry about your Nokia's battery life when using it as in car satnav. Also love how the phone effectively hands and cable free.

Nokia Industrial Design

One of the thingsI admire about Nokia is their sense of holistic design and purpose. Maybe down to personal taste but firmly believe Nokia care about the design of their products across the whole range, and the new Lumias and 105 illustrate this.

No other company does decent design apart from Apple. I have always detested Samsung phones for their cheap look and 'cold nature'. Check out the following interview with Marco head of design at Nokia:

Marko: Nokia Design