In other news....Google I/O Predictions

So I love the Verge forums, but things have been hostile here lately. The Pixel Review comments have turned into a full out troll happy flame fest, and honestly there is a lot of angry people people floating around. I figured we can talk about something more positive...hopefully.

Well as we inch up to the usual niceties of Google I/O this year, I figured we can start another, "What do you predict thread" as the other have been since buried. Yeah MWC is underway but honestly it is nothing I do not expect, all the new mid range Android phones running software we are all familiar with.

So My predictions..

1. The obvious unveiling of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Bringing...

  • Unified Messaging
  • More Google Now Features with hopefully a 3rd Party API
  • Complete removal of the Tron Theme
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Support with AVRCP
  • Complete UI overhall of Google Apps (Maps, GMail, etc...)
  • Full Screen browing and major performance update for Chrome browser
2. Hardware Updates
  • Gen 2 Nexus 7 with faster processor and a camera, and a LED notification light
  • White Nexus 4 (I predict this will be the giveaway)
3. Motorola X-Phone (The So Called Game Changer)
  • Running Android 5.0 KLM with a Google Chrome Skin
  • Ability to dock phone to run full Chrome OS
  • Aluminum/Metal Design
4. Google TV Updated
  • Updated Interface
  • Miracast Support
  • Streaming Netflix like TV/Movie service
5. Other Stuff
  • Major developer announcement for Chrome OS