Chromebook Pixel on ARM... PLEEEASE!!!

The last sentence of the pixel review is just so true. I want a Pixel & I want to "full time chrome" badly but i just can't. the good news is that the perfect laptop design has come to fruition. I'm glad google made the Pixel and did NOT skimp on quality or features for the sake of price. This device needed to be made. the price of components will fall it might take years however when that day comes even in the form of a discount or sale I am buying a pixel(current or next gen)

What is sad is that the price and battery life are solvable just use a arm SOC. But that SOC doesn't exist yet. Please tech world make a desktop class ARM processor so we can move into the next generation of computing. With arm it would be lighter and thinner as well. Its coming, the samsung chromebook is by far the best selling chromebook google knows what it needs to do. A pixel on ARM will come. But how long will we have to wait?