Any long-time former Windows users (10+ years) have a hard time going back? (RANT)

I had been a Windows/Linux user for over 15 years. Have to admit I was one of "those guys" that never hesitated to talk crap about Apple products despite never using one. In 2008, I finally made the jump to OSX when my very first (and last) Windows laptop crap out on my after 13 months. At the time, Leopard was out and I always thought it was gorgeous, so I said "ah what the hell" and bought a Macbook Pro.

I don't have to talk about all the unicorns, rainbows, and happiness that came afterwards since switching over, because I'm sure a lot of you went through the same thing.

Anywho, with the release of Windows 8 and all the great games that have been releasing on the PC in the past year, I thought I'd give Windows another try. That, and the lady had CIS classes in Uni and she needed a Windows rig. At the time I installed W8 on my Macbook, there werent any proper Bootcamp drivers available, so I just tried it out for a day or two and replaced it with Windows 7 instead.

Holy Moly, things just really hit you in the face after you've been gone from the OS for a few years. Despite the UI change, IE still feels like a trainwreck. Installing applications was also a huge pain in the ass compared to how things work on OSX. When I was exclusively using Windows 7, all of this felt NORMAL. There wasn't any other way. This was just how things were. Coming back 5 years later, it was a completely different story.

When I tried installing the software my GF's CIS classes required her to use, I nearly threw the laptop out the window. Remember ActiveX? Apparently people still use this and requires hours of troubleshooting because certain Windows permissions don't play well with it. You would think a Computer Science class would be a little more up-to-date with their method of doing things, but that just wasn't the case.

We were required to use Internet Explorer 9 and install Flash on it. Fair enough... so I fire up IE9, install Flash from Adobe's site (and download Chrome at the same time)... the installation completes, we restart IE9 and go back to the page we were just on... and it tells us to install Flash............. AGAIN. Seriously?

And UPDATES! Christ! I could have sworn I told the thing NOT to automatically update, but when ever the computer would boot up into Windows, it installed and verified new updates that took several minutes to complete. I just want to get to the Desktop!

These are total First World Problems, but man, you really do appreciate OSX so much more after an experience like that.

As an OS, I don't think I'll be able to appreciate the platform until MS gets it together. I like the PC gaming support, but that's where it all ends.

Anyway, I should end it here. Needed to get that off my chest. Hopefully I'm not the only one.