Large PDFs LAG like crazy on android!!!!!

Project Butter does not seem to extend to apps. They lag. If you’re using the Nexus 7 for work, I hope you don’t have any large PDF files to work with because you’ll be tearing your hair out. - mackadvs in this comment

I hear this complaint a lot on these forums. I've personally seen it happen on a Nexus 10, and it isn't pretty.

Here's the solution: Mantano Reader Lite Essentials Premium. It is not only the smoothest PDF reader, but also one of the best eBook readers. Try out the lite version before buying it.

It very smooth for large PDFs on Nexus 7 and 10. If you scroll incredibly fast, it may struggle to render the page, but it will not "lag."

What other tablet-optimized PDF reading apps have you had a good experience with?