The phone to buy now?

Taking a hiatus from active use of Windows Phone, though will still have an 8x in reserve. Already have an iPhone 5. Should be receiving Z10 shortly. I've decided to give Android another go with JB.

I'm looking for leading-edge specification in general, inc. 32/64Gb of fast onboard storage - nothing more annoying than having lots of flash storage but having it fill slower than molasses. I know many will say "get a 32Gb Class 10 card" but in general I find them too slow. If you know a specific, widely available 32 or bigger card and handset combo to be as fast / faster than speed of typical built-in storage in terms of USB transfer, I'd welcome it.

3G is fine, hard enough getting that most places I lurk in. NFC, why not. BT4.0, 802.11N.

While it may surprise some, I do actually make telephone calls and talk to people, and do that quite often - so speaker / mic quality should be high.

Min. 18 hours of 'actual smartphone' usage time.

Screen: Whatever's leading edge now.

I'm not a huge cameraphone nut as I've never felt they were worth bothering with, right up to the iP5/Lumia 920. As long as it's decent I'm OK with it.

Audio playback quality should be decent as I'll be using it as my main musicphone. It shouldn't have impedance mismatch issues or suchlike with multi-driver balanced armatures like the Westone 4 and the JH Audio JH13. Should work with iPhone one-button headsets, bonus if works with multi-button remotes. APT-X support would be nice.

Charging cradle would be nice. Not totally sold on wireless charging - it's one of those convenience points that doesn't make a whole lot of difference for me in the end.


Track record of timely updates in Europe. No multitasking shens like Sense had last year. Does not need to be JB'd to be useful / stable - no non-vendor ROMS will be used.

Buying in Europe, SIM-free.