Windows 8 Pro PC in a phone

Hey Everyone,



Mobile world congress has started and its that time to see some crazy ideas. Mobility digest wrote an article about a sweet idea from i-Mate of a phone running Full windows 8 pro. Pretty crazy. I don't know what to expect, it could happen, but I think the worst feature would be its battery life. The clover-trail, I think would drain it easily. But its a neat idea, and its ideas like this, that will get people looking. But its pricey, so I Don't know! Wouldn't be a bad idea it if actually workedout nicely.

What do you guys thing? Neat idea? Or stupid? WpCentral also wrote about it, if you like them better (though they say things differently and that its running an atom processor,) but I read the mobility digest article first that's what I'm basing it off of . Still Could be sweet. I'm surprised the verge hasn't posted anything on it yet. But let me know!