Engadget and Verge Interviews of Stephen Elop - A Comparison

Miriam at Engadget interviewed Stephen Elop (CEO of Nokia) at MWC yesterday and Vlad at TheVerge interviewed the same Stephen at the same place. You can watch the Engadget interview here: http://www.viddler.com/v/7baa9610

I say 'same Stephen' because of a reason. It almost seems like he is in a different frame of mind, seems a different person. With Miriam starting with questions about the actual products and announcements Nokia made earlier that afternoon, Elop has more to talk and seems a bit more comfortable to me. This enables Miriam to actually compliment him on some of the achievements with the new products -- lower price points, target markets, yada, yada. And carrying on this theme, you could argue that he actually reveals more of Nokia's plans in this interview than he did when he chatted with Vlad (or when he desperately built a big defensive wall between himself and Vlad should I say?)

I think this is the key to an interview. First of al talk about what the announcement was. You can skim over what the meeting was all about in a few seconds and then focus on future flagship products, details of which are clearly not for this particular event. Everyone agrees the US and Western Europe would be more interested in flagship devices but I don't know if there is any point in prodding him with questions about it, is there?! Tablet and flagship devices shouldn't have been mentioned again and again I think.