Verge app - Videos breaking articles

Anyone else having this issue with The Verge app on their Android? Keep in mind, I have a Nexus 4, with 4.2.2 on it.

If I click Play on an embedded video in an article, ALL the text and stuff BELOW that video just completely disappears. The only thing remaining is the very first image. Then it's actually like this for ALL other articles in the app. None of the embedded videos will display anymore. But all the text from the articles will show up again.

The only way to fix this is reinstalling the app. But it's still useless, since I can't use the embedded videos... :( I sent a Support message to The Verge yesterday, but I want to see if other people are having this issue as well. Maybe if you are, we can get enough attention on this thread so that the problem is resolved more quickly.

Try it out, and see what happens on your phone. Thanks!