Verge android app ads too intrusive...

Yes - they're huge. Yes - they're necessary. But here's the thing that happens. When I open an article (Nexus 4 on t-mobile) in the app, the text renders and then as I start to scroll and read, the text gets pushed off the page so that the ad is all I see. I totally get why that may be intentional, but it hampers my reading experience when every awesome Verge article I read annoyingly makes me scroll to get back where I was after I've already started reading.

I've also noticed it happening in picture-heavy articles where it's still loading the pictures by the time I get to that part of the article so it happens then as well.

Basically, it should do something like keep the relative position of the text on the screen the same. A suggestion would be something like inserting the ad after the first paragraph of the article so that it scrolls stuff people haven't gotten to yet down rather than what you're currently reading. It's just very jarring and not pretty in an otherwise quite well done app.

And for God's sake - do URI decoding. I click on verge links in G+ and FB all the time wishing they'd go to the app.