U.S. Drone Program = Kickstarter for Revolution in Robotics?

I have been thinking about the military lately and how the drone program is becoming controversially. The only way the internet and the space program was invented was through U.S. governemntal funding: DARPA,NASA. Now the DOD is funding the Drone program. We have seen private companies build military robots, but it seems the AI in these systems are in thier invancy. I am wondering with Google's ventures past the bleeding edge of technology and onto the verge of technological thinking, (Self driving cars, Google Glass) if they will enter into the robotics field as well? It seems to me the World is waiting on the next innovation. We went to the moon, we created computers and mobile technology; why hasn't google explored the area of Robotics? Plus, they already have built an Android. Image-v1-497x373_medium

via cdn-static.zdnet.com