iOS EQ needs some attention

This probably isn’t on a high priority list for Apple, but I would love to see better EQ implementation in iOS. There is an EQ section in Settings / Music but it has its limitations.

  1. You can only use the listed presets, you can’t modify them or create your own presets. That’s a bummer since you can do this in iTunes and I use it create presets for different headphones. These don’t transfer over to iOS.
  2. It only effects music played from the Music app. If you use Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. you don’t get EQ unless they provide it individually in their app.

It seems to me like a good (and not entirely difficult) option would be to have a system-wide EQ. It could have the same functionality as the EQ section in iTunes, allowing you to modify, add, delete (or possible sync) EQ presets. Then you could listen to music from your app of choice and get the sound signature you want. But at the very least, let us customize our EQ please.