New Twitter app, the Facebook situation, and Windows Phone.

The new Twitter app Is awesome. Performance and design (nothing super new but it works well).

Now, Microsoft. Take note and apply the same process to a new take on your Facebook app so I don't keep jumping between touch.facebook, the messaging hub, and the app.

Like wow, the messaging hub in WP8. Solid BUT WHY does it bring down all of your friends messages, but never your replies that you make outside of the hub. I feel like I'm archiving half the conversation to my handset for no reason. Halfway there.

Please make my WP7 dream come true and bring a fully featured facebook messages implementation to the core of the phone. Windows Phone's strengths are the built in features right? What are you doing.

Also, Twitter apps including Rowi enable you to choose the font size - smaller! - make sure that's in the new Facebook app you're going to make for me.