So... Is PlayStation not over?

I've been on the fence about purchasing a Vita because I knew a price drop was inevitable at this point. Of course, they're not going to do it now, but last Black Friday they dropped a Wifi version to 200$. Not bad, but I also was thinking "well I could get a Vita and a PS3" over the 42" Toshiba in my room that I got for 179$. I decided it was too late in the PS3's life cycle and if anything to get a Vita.

That interface though. I'm not sure if it was originally coined by The Verge, but it looks like a Fischer-Price's "My First Gaming Interface". I'm watching the press conference and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be with the comments Nilay and Josh were saying about it.

The Wii U feels like a "evolutionary versus revolutionary" (har), but I have a feeling nothing new is going to be across the board. Except maybe a Steam box. :O Ooh, cool a spec'd out PS3! Ooh, I can exercise while playing a video game! Come on engineers, get creative. Touch has been played out and the motion stuff is going no where.

Any thoughts?