Verge video player quality settings problem

I have maybe 5 or 10 mbps down, and whenever I start playing a Verge video, it's a race to switch to high quality. The result is the first minute or so being streamed something comparable to 360p on YouTube, which is miserable, to say the least. I find that high quality is really important what showing off hardware and software, in order for me as a reader to get a good sense of what I'm looking at, and what it would look like in reality.

The perfect example of how to do this is Engadget. AFAIK, they use Vimeo, which reloads the video from the exact second you click the HD button.

Just to be super clear; I wish Verge's video player would discard the buffered content whenever you switch up the quality.

Is this a lot to ask for? How about letting users set what quality they want as a setting?

Also, why doesn't the editor understand when I hit return to make a new line in IE10?