Consumerism & Waste!!

I recently purchased an iPad 3rd generation over a year ago, brand new, right around its release date. This machine is not as fast and quirky as it once was, but it still performs very well. So no issues there. But the problem I do have with this device, and Apple, is that my iPad is already outdated. It hasnt even been a complete year yet. Now don't get me wrong, I understand the way technology works and that just like a car, soon as you purchase and drive off of the lot it has already begun depreciating/becomes outdated.

As a consumer I felt sort of snubbed by apple that they would release an updated iPad well within half a year of the release of their prior one. But hey, whatever, what can you do right, and I can only imagine how iPad mini owners mat feel already hearing rumors of an iPad mini retina display being released maybe in the very near future.

But this is not the reason for my post. All of this got me to thinking about how wasteful this whole process truly is. I understand the business model, and that future proof/longevity is bad for business, but some part of me feels like there has to be a better, more efficient/economical way. And this is not just for Apple, but all manufacturers.

We are brainwashed to want the latest and greatest as a consumer. We pay top dollars for gadgets that last maybe a year or so before the next best thing comes along. We know that these manufacturers withhold features in order to keep the income stream flowing. It's good business. But how long can this go on? Is this sustainable? What effects does this have on the environment? Think about all of those old gadgets you've paid hard earned money for that's sitting in a field somewhere due to forced obsoletion.

I know this is way out there but what do you think? Do you not feel duped as a consumer? Are you not tired of this merry go round? Are devices/products engineered to last longer even possible with the way the global market system is designed ?...... Or do I need to lay off of the crazy pills?