The joys of the ZFS file system

I recently discovered the benefits of the ZFS file system. It offers a checksum on every file accessed and automatic repair on files that do not meet the checksum. You can bind a ZFS drive with another ZFS drive for a software RAID in either striping or additional storage in to the pool. I am using this instead of JFS+ on my iMac for my media serving to help protect my data. There is a kernel plugin called maczfs that will allow for ZFS formatting, mounting, and manipulation that I am using now. The only down side to the ZFS file system is the memory consumption for data protection since it is recommended to have 1GB of memory for every TB of drive. I personally have 16GB of memory so this isn't even remotely a problem for future expansion.

Im not sure what is out there for Windows users however there is most certainly a solution out there using this file system. It seems perfect for someone with a media collection that can not be ruined.