Jonny Ive's Design is Coming to iOS 7, and I can Prove it

Since Scott Forstall left apple and Jonathan Ive took over the title of "Head of Human Interface Design" people have been speculating that a shinny new coat of paint will be coming to iOS. As Im sure you all know, iPhone OS 1.0 is graphically pretty similar to iOS 6. The gradients and textures that apple used to hide the low pixel density of older iPhones looks tacky on my iPhone 5, and apps like Podcasts and Find My Friends are frankly an embarrassment to Apple's beautiful hardware. I am looking forward to iveOS 7 since November, and when I opened passbook for the first time since updating to iOS 6.1 I was pleasantly surprised.


On the left we have iOS 6’s Passbook welcome screen. Its classic iOS: Gradients , skeuomorphism, gloss and an all together uninspired design. On the right is the Passbook welcome screen from iOS 6.1. The first beta for ios 6.1 came out well after Scott Forstall left apple, and the design changed drastically. There is no more skeuomorphism, no more gradients, much nicer typography,a whimsical almost google-esque iconography and a welcome screen that actually resembles the app. It may not be much, but I think this small change shows what iOS 7 will be. This update to Passbook is beautiful, its functional and it looks nothing like the rest of iOS (except maybe the Appstore). I'm sure this is a sign of what is to come, but I really want to hear anything anyone has heard on this subject. Does iOS need a refresh? Is this change a step in the right direction? Is iveOS the best name ever?