Could this be the future?

I am beginning to think that a Nexus 7 with LTE and Google Glass could be the near future of mobile computing. Why? Well here are my reasons. I have gone from Apple to Android to Meego to Android to WebOS back to Apple and now to Microsoft and seeing Google Glass, I am considering going back to Android once Glass is at a price I can afford. At one point, after my iPhone and iPad 1, I decided to sell them and get a Galaxy Tab 7 (the UK one with 3G), now, this was a good device, however it was marred by Samsung's Touchwiz and it's size when I wanted to quickly look at something while walking. I never experienced the "Dom Joly effect" (holding an insanely huge device against my ear) as I had bluetooth headphones. But that quick pullout and putback was missing. A connected watch could possibly address these issues, but I think Glass would do this better. I have certain demands with a watch. I don't want to charge it ever - being the top one. I don't see glass being something that I would always wear, but when I leave the house, I'd put it on like I do my headphones. If I want to get help fixing something on my car, I can quickly start a hangout and ask for advice without getting my phone dirty and the people helping would be able to see from my perspective, or even bring up a Haynes guide. If I want to film a howto to help people in my community, I can easily do it without holding a camera. Hopefully Google can bring out something similar for cars too, taking the focus away from next to your hands and putting it eye level so you don't get as distratcted (something like the HUD in the newer Camaros but more information rich). Anyway, until there is a 7" clean Android tablet with phone radios and the Glass gets to around $500, my dream is still a dream.