Forget stores. How about Kiosks/"Nexus" centers?

Andy Rubin stated there is no plans for a retail stores. got me thinking. Instead of stores, how about kiosks? Google will lease a kiosk inside a busy mall to showcase its products with live demo units with an option to order right there. It will give people a hands on look at a nexus phone/tablet or chrome book. I mean, i just cant see opening up a store just for four main products and support? sure, but most nexus users help themselves and those who do need the extra help liekly would contact a family member/friend or go to their carrier for help.

now regarding those "nexus" centers. If you ever been inside a carrier store chances are there is an "Apple center" with its own branding and everything. What if Google had the same thing. a nexus center with nothing but nexus phones/tablets with signage and such. maybe partner with Best Buy/Walmart/Target or Costco for such a thing.