The perfect convertible (how I want one to be)


That device above is the best convertible I have seen to date, it may have only been a concept but it was the best designed I've ever seen. I'll now set it's specs for it fulfilling my needs or just to make it a perfect laptop for me :


Hardware - The whole device should have curved edges but tapered a bit like the Mac Book Air. The hinge should be like this :



Screen - A 3:2 high pixel density touch screen display(not unlike pixel)with just enough pixels for it to be indiscernible to human eyes, no more than rounding off from there. Also make it Gorilla Glass™ with Nokia's touch tech which let's you use it with a glove on. The reason I selected 3:2 is because it isn't that far from 16:10 in ratio, making it possible to have smaller letterboxes.


Keyboard/Pointer - The keyboard should be made by Lenovo's Think Pad™ division. Giving it the best keyboard and a Track Point™. The buttons for the nip should be surrounded by a digitizing pen holder on right and a finger print reader(for security purpose) plus a scroll wheel on left(I don't enjoy scrolling with the nip at all), or the opposite of it depending on ease for user.


Speakers - They should not be unlike Apple and Google have put in their laptops, under the keyboard.


Connectivity - WiFi b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Miracast, LTE, 2 USB 3.0, HDMI, Card Reader, 3.5 mm Audio+Mic and Ethernet(replace whatever possible with Thunderbolt, leaving one USB port for compatibility).


Accessories - A dock like Razer's Edge controller to fit the device in, adding extra battery life and performance through a GPU inside the dock(based on AMD's new tech) making it a proper gaming device, then add in another dock from the Edge, the console dock with speaker's inbuilt and it has all the accessories needed.


Software - A choice of OS, depending on users need. Me? I would love Ubuntu on it if it gets the games Steam has promised(not literally) it'll get on Linux with a way to boot directly into the browser or gaming view(or some other Frankenstein view which suits my use case the best.)Or some other OS which incorporates the best features of Chrome OS, Windows 8, Mac OS X, Ubuntu and Console's OSes into an amalgamation of their best concepts, making navigation with any kind of device a breeze, be it Keyboard/Mouse, Touchscreen, Controller or Motion(just putting this one out there).


I'll end with the image of a Start Screen stripped of the Swiss Design Language :


Sources : Intel Cove Point on Behance by Tim Hulford | Intel Letexo(Cove Point) on The Verge | Start Menu 2 by *arcticpaco on deviantART | Start Screen unmetro by zainadeel on deviantART | Windows Desktop UI Concept by Sputnik8 on The Verge