Nervous, but I'm going to take the leap (HELP!)


Here's the thing, I love Samsung and all their innovation but their hardware pretty much is completely uninspiring. I owned an HTC Sensation (Nice Device) and an HTC EVO 3D (Worse device I EVER Owned, kept it for about 2 weeks) - Then I went and got the Galaxy Nexus (Never Again), now I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Best phone I've ever used).

It's awesome! HOWEVER the screen once again tho nice, is completely uninspiring. The phone feels so cheap that I keep a case on it, and having to press that freaking home button kills me a little inside each time. THEN came the HTC ONE! Hardware even better than the iPhone. Most beautiful phone I have ever seen, and a screen that no other phone on the market can match. Blink feed more than likely will be the first thing I disable, but that will be easier than when I had to disable all the water sounds on my GS3 . . . seriously OEMS get your shit together and stop adding crazy mess. You guys are making my set up time 2times longer disabling most of your garbage.


- Battery life

-Will the phone slow down over time even tho I am going to throw Nova Prime on it

-Will the camera be as epic as promised

-If I ever dropped it how will the finish hold up (I don't really want a case on it, it's so beautiful)

I would say updates but I'm on 4.1 and have no desire for 4.2 I'm sure they will update to 5.0 eventually.

I know the GS4 will be coming out and I am sure it will be the same mess in terms of material. That seems to be the way Samsung wants to keep it's devices. Light and plastic and that's fine. BUT I'm still nervous, I will be buying the phone out right full price on ATT since I'm not due for an upgrade (Not that I care) - I just don't want to be disappointed. One thing I do love is the menu for settings on the new Sense 5 and how they kept the Roboto font even tho it's a bit tweaked.

Sound Off! Are you getting one? Am I being paranoid? My real concern is battery life.