Intel- 40th Anniversary of the Intel Microprocessor

Greetings Verge members,

For Chapter 006 of SOME/THINGS Magazine SOME/THINGS partnered with Intel to develop a new photographic image for the 40th anniversary of the Intel microprocessor, visualising the products as ‘technological artefacts’ rather than the consumer market commodities they are presumed to be.



Accompanying the photographs is an interview with Genevieve Bell, Intel Labs Director for Interaction and Experience Research, detailing the way she applies her anthropological background to her work at Intel helping the company to better design technology that meets the needs of a diverse, global population.

For a different take on technology and the way it can be photographed checkout the SOME/THINGS+Intel collaboration.


[DISCLAIMER: Yes I am a contributor and researcher with SOME/THINGS Magazine but that doesn't mean this isn't something cool you might want to still checkout]