Google Creative Lab releases 'Super Sync Sports', a Chrome game that interacts with your phone

Developer François Beaufort today posted an update to Google+ about a game Google Creative lab have released. Named Super Sync Sports, it uses your smartphone to play a variety of athletic events, which include swimming, running and cycling. Your phone serves as the controller for the game, while your laptop, PC or smart TV (providing it has a modern browser - Google suggest using Chrome) serves as the screen.

The implications for a game of this type are huge: it signals two things. Firstly, that Google can use your phone to control a game on a web browser on the internet, which means that something more sophisticated, potentially a sync system for Android phones, might be in the offing. Secondly, could Google be demoing this game ahead of a larger 'Google Games' release, that use both your phone and PC?

The game is available on the Chrome Web Store now, so go get it! What's your best time for each event?