Nexus 4 - 2g 3g toggle problem

Hi All ,

Im facing a unique problem with my Nexus 4. Let me explain :

I was previously using HTC Desire HD.The network in my office area is not consistent. In my office lobby , I would get proper 3g network whereas in my desk , I will not get 3g network. Hence when am in my desk , i toggle my network settings to 2g . And once i come out to my lobby for lunch or break , i toggle to 3g and connect without any issues.

But now with my Nexus 4 , there is no toggle that helps me to stay only on 3g. There is an option to choose only 2g but there is no option to stay on 3g when there is good network.As a result of this , when im at my desk or even when i move to lobby , it stays only on 2g and the phone does not go to 3g.

A very complex work around to enable 3g is :

-Enable airplane mode

-Disable airplane mode

-Go to network settings and Mobile networks

-Choose Network operator and from the list , select my network provider.

After doing all these steps only, 3g is getting enabled.

And once i go back to my desk , it switches automatically to 2g and i have to repeat the whole steps once again when i come to my lobby. The 2g/3g toggle apps in play store is also not working in Nexus 4.

Anybody facing this type of problem and have a possible solution will be much appreciated.

P.S: There is no problem in switching between wifi and 3g