If i'd switch to an iPhone, tell me why?

People all over the place have iPhones, but I'm starting to see people slowly adapt to Android Army.

I currently own a LG Spectrum 2 and it's a beautiful Phone. I love android because it's VERY customizable and I can do basically anything I want with it. It may be hard to use, but I'm tech savvy so I know how to use many devices thrown at me. I don't like iPhones for these reasons : No Widgets, No changing how icons and themes can look (without jailbreak), Can't add an SDCard to expand memory.

Ps: why would you want to hack your Phone to customize it? That's crazy... ( Jailbreak )

I actually may go to Windows 8 phone even though much Applications aren't supported with it, but it's a very stable Operating System from what my I.T. Teacher tells me.