Swtiched from Macbook to Win8. Best decision of my life

I purchased a MacBook (2009) in January of 2011. I bought into the Apple hype, and was convinced (with very little research) that Apple was the king of everything. I had an iphone 4, and "knew" that Macs were the best. I let several Apple fanboys convince me that anything Microsoft was BS, and so I bought the MacBook for $950. The MacBook was ok. Not great, not terrible, just ok. I installed extra RAM, which made it much more tolerable, but I was no longer in love. In the last 2 years, I started to really despise the thing. It worked fine, but I never understood the undying love and devotion that many Apple fans display towards their products. Finally, after finding out that the Transformer Book was going to be $1500, I decided to sell my MacBook and go with the Lenovo Thinkpad Twist. Finally sold it, and bought the Twist yesterday. Turns out that the MacBook was worse than I thought. I was just used to mediocrity, and it was only when I got my hands on a decent laptop that I realized how much I didn't like my MacBook. The keyboard on the Lenovo is simply fantastic. I don't know if Lenovo is the best, or if the MacBook keyboard is mediocre, but regardless, this keyboard is awesome. I'll easily give Apple the trackpad. This one just can't compare, but it doesn't matter, because despite what Apple fans say, having a touchscreen on a laptop is awesome. I use it quite a bit, and it feels great. Battery life is pretty much exactly the same as my MacBook. All in all, this was a fantastic decision, and Windows 8 is great. This may have been a pointless post, but I needed to say it.