Earbud Recommendations?

I have been using the Klipsch Image S4i headphones for probably 3 years or so now. While I love the sound quality, the build quality just isn't there. I have gone through like 5 pairs, and used the original design, the rugged design, and the new design, and they always end up breaking at the 3.5mm connection, and the signal dies. While Klipsch has been great about getting them replaced under warranty, the hassle is just a pain, and I want to try something new.

So what do the Vergeoisie recommend for a good new pair of in-ear headphones to use with my phone?

I am thinking about the Apple in-ear headphones at the moment. Decent price and reviews, and I remember the cable build quality on the stock Apple earbuds I used years ago being surprisingly great.

UPDATE: Personally, I would be looking for less than $100. Feel free to recommend more expensive one's for other though.