A Lowly Surface RT Owner on the Surface Pro

I love my Surface. I really do.

I've been using it as my primary machine since mid-November, and I've gotten used to the quirks of the operating system and the little bugs that rear their ugly heads every once in a while. For a while, I desperately wanted to sell it and buy an iPad. To some, that would be a step backwards, but the seemingly much higher quality of iOS was a huge draw. At the same time, I desperately wanted to be able download third party applications like Spotify and iTunes (I recently found a way to access the beta version of Spotify's web app, so my irritation has subsided a bit). My frustrations have been many.

At this point, I want a Surface Pro. Badly.

I got to mess with one at a Best Buy a few weeks ago and was immediately amazed at the screen, which is something I've often yearned for from the iPad. The Surface RT has a nice screen, but the iPad's is top notch. The Surface Pro immediately gave me the same impression of quality. Beyond that, I knew it was incredibly quick from the moment I touched the screen. It was ridiculous. I opened up Internet Explorer and MSN was the first thing to load. Apart from my amazement at the screen quality, the speed with which it performed such a basic task made my jaw drop. It's hard to put into words, but I could just tell how quick it was from little animations and the way things moved. It made me feel like my RT was/is a sloth.

Next to the Pro was a simple RT model. I made sure there were no other tasks running and opened up the Store. The Pro was twice as fast. Easily. It was obnoxious.

I left the store feeling a bit bothered by my sudden urge to go sell my RT and get the money for the Pro together, but decided I'd wait until the beginning of next, next school year for that shift. Until then, I'll try to abstain from coveting the Surface Pro.

If you have any thoughts on either machine (or something totally unrelated), I'd be happy to see them in the comments.