Apple user. Tired of iPhone 4S. Tried WP8. Just bought Nexus 4.

Hi guys,
I an Apple user. I like Apple products. I have Macbook Pro, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S. I used to have all kinds of iPods, iMac and other Apple gear. I've never had Google product before. I'm an Apple user and I couldn't be happier. Not anymore.
Don't get me wrong. I love my Macbook Pro Retina. It's fast and beautiful. I love my iPad Mini for its thinness, weight and amazing apps like Evernote (evernote on android tablet looks, well not that good.)

...but my iPhone..

I absolutely hate that thing. And yet can't really live without it. It's like having a mutated arm that you have little control over. You want to chop that thing off but you know you can't cause you really need it.
Battery life is abysmal. It lags. A lot. Doesn't support HSPA. It's screen is claustrophobic. It's dumb. It's not helpful. Siri is usually too slow or too stupid. Not a personal assistant I was promised.

I was thinking about getting a second phone for a while. Second phone, just to ease the possible transition. I wanted something cool. Something really "different" (irony of apple's 'think different' is not lost on me). That's how I bought Nokia Lumia 920.
My story with Lumia was short and intense:

  • OMG That looks awesome! - bloody hell, that's one thick phone though.
  • That camera is amazing! - gonna uploaded to Instagram! oh wait...
  • Nokia Apps are really cool! - but where's Dropbox?... Pocket?... Path?..

And that was it..
I realized Android is the way to go. The only reasonable and sensible way to go. I've read enough about Sense, Touch Wiz, rooting and updates to know what I don't want. I read more about nexus. Stock Android. Jelly Bean. Google Now. "Nexus 4. Buy now".
I've had it for about week now.

I love it. LOVE IT.

I love the stealth design. Screen is awesome resolution and looks way better than my iPhone. I wanted to embrace Android and Google. I switched everything to Google. Chrome instead of Safari. Gmail. All google services on. Everything freaking on. Location services and tracking? Bring it on.
And you know what? It' freaking amazing. Google Now is blowing my mind. It's a tech miracle. Few more random things I noticed:

  • "My apps are here" - Evernote, Path, Dropbox, Nike Running. It's a good feeling.
  • App freedom - I've just downloaded uTorrent for my phone! Whoa!
  • Google Latitude - I love collecting data and personal tracking. That is amazing.
  • HSPA+ means true unlimited internet and tethering. Speed? 15-20 Mbps (no LTE here)
  • Battery life / Internet Usage details - beautiful and so awesome!

Totally love technology. Thanks for patience whoever managed to read that :D Would love to discuss your experience and if you have any tips or just want to bash me for not keeping that Lumia - bring it on!