A Turning Point For Android?

For a while, the iPhone had always been ahead on hardware features. I don't mean CPU/GPU performance, but user facing features.

Great battery life, a great camera, the Retina display, and smoothness came first on the iPhone and Android was scrambling to catch up.

Last year, Android caught up with great battery life (S3, Maxx, Note II), great cameras (S3, One X, Note II), and great displays (S3, One X, Note 2, Nexus 4). Jellybean brought smoothness.

But it feels like this is finally the year Android will get ahead.

2600 - 3300 mah batteries are going to become standard, finally surpassing iPhone battery life. 1080p displays will be everywhere and 400 ppi will beat the pants off 300 ppi. Cameras will be excellent, whether 13 MP cameras or 4MP ultrapixel cameras and have the potential to outclass the iPhone camera. Android 5.0 will probably make things even smoother.

Do you think these factors will finally give Android the hardware edge over the iPhone?