Why can't I learn to love Windows Phone?

In November 2011 I bought a brand new Lumia 800 phone. I'd really been looking forward to the release of Windows Phone, and the Lumia looked like a great device. I spent £400 ($640) of my own money on a SIM-free device, looking to retire my iPhone 3GS in preference to it.

It did not go well. After a month I found that I had developed a visceral lack of respect for the thing. It might even have been something like hatred. Whatever it was, the reaction I had was overblown for what was, after all, just a phone.

In hindsight, nearly 18 months on, what I think had happened was that it was at this point I realised that I could no longer trust Microsoft to look after my career and a change started to happen. The expectation I had for Windows Phone was bound up with how I'd felt about Microsoft. It was like a trusted friend had promised to take me me out for a special birthday full of my favourite foods, only to sit me down in front of a plate of deep-fried locusts with a side helping of live scorpions