Respectable Tablet With No Camera

At my work we deal with somewhat sensitive information. As such we're not allowed to have anything with a camera at our desks. The nature of my job allows for considerable down time sometimes, which I used to fill with my Nexus 7. Since that has a FFC and I can't use it now, I'm looking for an Android Tablet (4.x+ preferably) that has reasonable performance to take to work. It doesn't really need all the bells and whistles, but I don't want something so miserable I'll hate it either.

I've considered a Nook HD since it's got amazing specs for the price, but I'm really not fond of the Nook interface. If someone can confirm that I can get a custom ROM on it with reasonable performance and stability I'd be willing to go that route.

Otherwise, I'd like 7-9 inches, 1024x600 minimum resolution, Google Play (or the ability to add via root), somewhere around $200, and of course a complete lack of cameras.

Any suggestions?