"Ok Glass, instant replay"

This morning I had a wild idea for a Google Glass feature. Wild unexpected things happen every day, and you rarely have your camera out to document it. Imagine if Google Glass was recording everything at all times, and only kept the past 30 seconds. At any point in time, you could have Glass recall this footage, giving you an "instant reply" of that event.

I think this would tie in very well with the development team's mission to get technology out of the way, so you can live your life naturally.

Some use cases:

  • You get in a car accident and want to document what you were seeing behind the wheel just before and during the accident.
  • You're attending your child's basketball game, and he/she scores a basket, and you want to save the moment. You can just enjoy the game and worry about capturing the special moments after they happen, instead of worrying about the camera.
  • Your cat does something funny and you want to upload it to YouTube later.
Some serious concerns:
  • Drains the battery life
  • Creep factor