Going back to Windows 7 after Windows 8 - why I'll be switching back to 8

So no, this isn't a Windows 8 hate post, in fact it's quite the opposite. I had Windows 8 installed on my laptop and I would find that I'd pretty much only use desktop apps, so I set myself a kind of test. I decided to re-install Windows 7 and see if I'd actually miss any of the functionality of Windows 8. I can tell you, I do.

There are 2 things in particular. And they're actually 2 features that everyone seems to talk about with Windows 8, start up times and the start screen.

Now boot up times. I had always said that Windows 7 didn't boot up slow on my laptop, I guess in theory compared with the previous versions of Windows it is zippy, but after using Windows 8 and having my laptop boot up in something like 15-20 seconds, I quickly got frustrated with the 45-50 seconds on Windows 7. Microsoft deserve real credit in how they managed to speed up the process.

Secondly is the start screen. Now this is something I didn't think I'd miss, but I actually really did. I usually have 2 apps pinned to my taskbar, Chrome and File Explorer. They're probably my 2 most used programs. The rest I have on the desktop as I use them often, but not quite often enough. I never realised how annoyed I would get at having to minimize or go to the corner of my screen to get back to the desktop to launch something. On Windows 8, the start screen is simply a great app launcher, even for desktop apps. It's much quicker to get to and everything is much less cluttered, just press the Windows key and your there. Sure it doesn't take that long to click on the show desktop button in the corner, but it's a little annoyance after using W8.

So those are my 2 annoyances that will make me move back to Windows 8, do you have any ?