Windows 8 - What Apps do I need?

I recently upgraded to Windows 8 on my non-touch laptop, mainly for start up times and because I like messing about with new stuff and I think the new interface is attractive. As an Android user when it comes to mobile/tablet I've found the App store a bit of a letdown especially in terms of navigation, discovery and choice, but also in terms load times.

E.g. The news apps I have like BBC (which I think is third party anyway) take far longer to load than me just going into the browser, so consequently I don't bother using them.

Now the novelty of the new interface has worn off, I find myself just going straight to the desktop and using the taskbar just like I did in Win 7. Don't get me wrong, the performance increase alone is enough for me so I'm not complaining per se...but I feel like I'd like to use the Start screen and maybe I'm missing out on things, not using the OS to its full potential?

Are there any apps out there that I should really have, that are well optimised Etc? Into all the usual, games, productivity stuff.