A new approach to app switching. Siri style.

I'm not sure if this has been said before (probably), but I thought I'd show you my idea anyway.

I'm really bored of people obsessing over the app switcher. "Oh lets have a screen shot of the app with an icon over it!" .. Why?! No! Please, stop!

Currently, switching an app can be done in a few different ways

  • Task manager: double click, tap. Potentially swipe to find your app, too.
  • Start screen. single click, tap. Potentially swipe to find your app.
  • iPad. Four finger swipe and slide side to side (depending on where the app is depends how many times you'd need to do this).

I came up with my own solution, which takes elements from Notification Center and also uses Siri.

You simply drag up from the bottom and it brings up a tab that looks like the home button (same process as notification center) ... you say the name of the app you would like to open. Pull the tab up, and viola! There is the app.


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There are probably some gaping holes in this idea, but it was just an idea, so yeah - comment away :)!